Top Mobile Phone brands in Nigeria: Most Used

When it comes to Mobile Phone there are some brands that are used mostly in Nigeria and these brands have the highest market share. According to a Survey reported by Jumia, there are over 21 Million active smart phones currently in use in Nigeria. So now we will outline the most popular or used brands among the 21 Million smart Phones and what they run on.

In addition, Android is by far the most used mobile device in Nigeria with almost 84% of smart phones used in the country. Also it is followed by Apple’s iOS with a 3.3% usage in the country. Other platforms such as Nokia series 40, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Linux etc share the remaining;

List of Mobile Operating Systems according to usage in Nigeria;

  1. Android: 84%
    The majority of connected Android devices in Nigeria run Android 7.x (over 37%), followed by Android 6 Marshmallow (almost 24%), Android 5.x (almost 19%) and Android 4.x (over 12%). Only about 5% of all active Android devices run Oreo, and few enough run Android 9 to only fit into the “other” category
  2. Apple: 3.3%
  3. Nokia’s Series 40: (2%),
  4. Blackberry OS: (1.16%),
  5. Windows Phone: (1%)
  6. Linux: (0.77%)

Now that we have seen the distribution of Mobile operating systems in Nigeria according to their usage, it will be fair to know the Most used Mobile Phone brands in the country.


Top Mobile Phone Brands in Nigeria: The Mos Used Mobile Phones

We will outline the top brands in Nigeria according to market share. A survey in 2017 carried out by Statcounter states that the most used mobile phones in Nigeria are Tecno and Infinix. These comanies are both owned by a Chinese company called Transsion Group. This same company has been reported to own other brands such as Itel, Oraimo, and Spice.

1. Tecno Mobile

Market Share: 25%

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2. Infinix

Market Share: 18.75%

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3. Samsung

Market Share: 9.28%

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4. Itel

Market Share: 5.66%

5. Nokia

Market Share: 4.77

6. Others such as Gionee, HTC, iPhone, Lenovo, LG etc can be grouped to have a market share of 8%.

7. Other minor which the survey claims to be grouped into “Unknown” are said to be grouped at 19%.

In Conclusion

Furthermore, when it comes to computer Tablets, Tecno rules the Market with a share of 31% followed by Samsung with about 28.55% and apple follows with about 10% while brands like Itel follows suit with 3.3%.

These factors strongly indicates that Tecno Mobile is the king of the Nigerian Market. In 2018, It was reported that Tecno was the highest sellers of Smart Phones in Africa. The comany has also be able to penetrate the Uk market. The company has a potential and we hope to see them competing at the top globally in the nearest future.

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