Tech Sites in Nigeria: The Top 10

Technology is the future of the world. In Nigeria, getting access to technology information in times where entertainment is over everyone’s throat is like looking for water in a desert. The top tech sites in Nigeria are those who have been able to penetrate in the midst of all the entertainment  blogs everywhere on the web.

We will not say too much but to show you these top sites that have focused on technology and highly visited by information seekers.

The Top 10 Tech Sites in Nigeria


1. Tech Cabal

Tech Cabal

Tech Cabal

This tech blog is the most visited tech blog in Nigeria. This site score about 76 in Domain Authority. Tech Cabal has a Monthly organic views of about 1,804.


2. Techpoint

Techpoint. Tech sites in Nigeria


Techpoint is a very top tech site. The site has organic Monthly traffic of about 4,109.

3. Naijtechguide



The NaijaTechGuide is about 23,394 in Organic Monthly traffic with a Domain Authority score of 72.

4. Ogbonge Blog

Ogbonge Blog

Ogbonge Blog

Ogbonge blog might not necessarily be a tech blog but they are very sure tech information givers. Owned by Jide Ogunsanya, the blog has about 2,782 monthly organic traffic and a Domain Authority score of 72.

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5. SpecsPriceNigeria



Looking for a mobile phone specifications site with prices. just like us on Electron Gadget then SpecPriceNigeria is just for you. With an estimated 397 Organic traffic in a month with 29 domain authority score.

6. Don Caprio

Don Caprio

Don Caprio

On the list on the top tech Site in Nigeria is Don Caprio. This site has an amazing Domain Authority score is 80 while having a Monthly Organic traffic of 2,896.



This sounds like a blog owned by a female. Though no confirmation on this. But Misstechy is worth visiting for tech information. The blog has about 103 organic monthly visits while having 59 domain score.

8. Mobility Arena

Mobility Arena

Mobility Arena

Mainly giving reviews of mobile smart phone and other kinds of gadgets. Mobility has a monthly organic visit of

9. Bestmobs

Bestmobs. Tech sites in Nigeria


Another specific tech blog on the smart phones side is Bestmobs. with a domain authority score of 59 and organic monthly traffic of 69.

10. AndroidNigeria

AndroidNigeria. Tech sites in Nigeria


Android Nigeria is based on Mobile smart phone specs. The site has domain score of 53 with a monthly organic visit of 205.

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