Best Websites to Buy or Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

Buy or sell bitcoin in Nigeria

The name Bitcoin is no longer new in the world and interestingly many Nigerians have come to know it. But still yet, many don’t know where to buy or sell Bitcoin and that is what this post will focus on. Bitcoin is arguably the first cryptocurrency in the world managed by the Blockchain. Though we […]

Biggest Mobile Phone Companies in the world-2019

Biggest Mobile Phone Companies

There are over 1 billion Mobile phone users in the world. Mobile phones have graduated from just simple devices for GSM calls to Smart phones for receiving emails, video calls, sending big data, video gaming and more. So who have made this possible, they are the smart phone companies who have sent millions in research […]

Tech Sites in Nigeria: The Top 10

Tech sites in Nigeria

Technology is the future of the world. In Nigeria, getting access to technology information in times where entertainment is over everyone’s throat is like looking for water in a desert. The top tech sites in Nigeria are those who have been able to penetrate in the midst of all the entertainment  blogs everywhere on the […]

Keystone Bank Transfer Code *7111# for Mobile Banking

Keystone Bank Transfer Code

The bank formally known as BankPHB is also in the light of banks using the Short Mobile code for banking. Now transactions can be done via any mobile phone and any GSM network. We will learn how to use the Keystone Bank Transfer Code *7111# for Mobile Banking. Using this code is very easy but […]