Biggest Mobile Phone Companies in the world-2019

There are over 1 billion Mobile phone users in the world. Mobile phones have graduated from just simple devices for GSM calls to Smart phones for receiving emails, video calls, sending big data, video gaming and more. So who have made this possible, they are the smart phone companies who have sent millions in research to make its end users happy. The biggest mobile phone companies in the world are those who have a large market share, having high end smartphone.


Biggest Mobile Phone Companies in the world-2019

These are the biggest players of Mobile phone manufacturers in the world. We have ordered this list according to its market share in the world

1. Samsung

This is not a news to a lot of people as Samsung been the leading mobile phone company. In 2018, the company had a market share of 22% overall.

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2. Apple

Apple’s presence in the market in terms of mobile phone is iPhone. The company just has about 14.7%. This makes Apple in the second position in the biggest mobile phone company in the world.

In 2017, the iPhone X was the most innovative phone of the year and also appeared in theĀ  top 20 innovation of the year.

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3. Huawei

Huawei is another leading mobile phone company in the world. Having about 10% of the world market share. Their biggest market is in Europe followed by Asia and then Africa.

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4. Oppo

This is the 4th leading mobile phone brand in the world having just 7.5% market share. Oppo is Chinese Mobile phone company.

Currently the company to Africa to see if it can penetrate the market which is predominantly owned by Tecno Mobile.

5. Vivo

A strong competitor for Oppo and Oneplus. Vivo has a market share of just 5%. It is another Chinese company on the list.

6. Xiaomi

Xiaomi has its largest market in China and strongly followed by India. Xiaomi has arrived Africa and hopping to penetrate. The Chinese company has a total market share of 4.7% but in 2017, it grew to 7%.

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7. OnePlus

OnePlus is known for its very expensive phones and of course high end in Nature. The company has a Market share in India of about 48%. This makes Oneplus the 7th on the list of biggest mobile phone companies in the world. The company has started its plans to enter Africa in full force. Though their smartphones have already hit the African Market. Other markets Oneplus has been selling is Europe and Asia.


8. Lenovo

Lenovo Mobile phone has a 3.2 % Global market share. Making them the 8th leading mobile phone brand in the world

9. Nokia

Decades ago, Nokia dominated the mobile phone industry but tech has changed and newer innovation. After Nokia re-branded into making Android smartphones they now have just 1% of the market share globally.

10. LG

Unlikely but the truth is LG has about 20% of the USA Market. And LG has a global market share at 0.98% in the mobile phone industry making them the 10th leading Mobile phone company.


LIST SOURCE: Research Snipers

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