Best Websites to Buy or Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

Buy or sell bitcoin in Nigeria

The name Bitcoin is no longer new in the world and interestingly many Nigerians have come to know it. But still yet, many don’t know where to buy or sell Bitcoin and that is what this post will focus on. Bitcoin is arguably the first cryptocurrency in the world managed by the Blockchain. Though we […]

Infinix Note 5 Stylus Price in Nigeria and Specifications

Infinix Note 5 Stylus

Considering the 18:9 display screen, the Infinix Note 5 stylus is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for reading, gaming, and watch videos. Has up to 500nits screen brightness, 6.0″ Full HD screen and an infinity screen. This phone was upgraded from the Infinix Note 5 smart phone. Check out the Price and specifications of the phone […]

Infinix Note 5 Price in Nigeria and Specifications

Note 5 Colors

The Note 5 from Infinix Mobile is a smart device that comes with a smart AI camera and the google lens feature that comes with it. You have the smartest device that delivers a camera experience that is beyond intelligence. This device has a 3-day power strength which gives an uninterrupted performance.   Lets look […]

Infinix Hot 6 & 6X Price in Nigeria and Specifications

Infinix Hot 6

Infinix Mobile did a good job with the Hot 6 and 6X in terms of its rear Camera. If you wish to know the specifications and price of this phone in Nigeria, then keep reading.   Lets look at the Specifications of the Infinix Hot 6   Screen & Body of the Infinix Hot 6 […]

Infinix Hot 7 Price in Nigeria and Specifications

Infinix Hot 7 Price

Infinix Mobile have come out with a #7TimesHot smart phone known as the Hot 7 and we will outline the key specifications and Price. You will know why it is called the #7TimesHot soon. The Infinix is one of the very few Infinix phone that have a very good Face ID functionality working perfectly. The […]

Tecno Pouvoir 3 Specification and Price in Nigeria

Tecno Pouvoir 3

Tecno is one of the most used Mobile Phone Brand in Nigeria. Today we will be taking a closer look at one of the most exclusive Tecno Mobile Phone, The Tecno Pouvoir 3. Tecno boast of a 4 days uninterrupted power after a single charge on this phone. The Phone was released in May 2019 […]

Top Mobile Phone brands in Nigeria: Most Used

Top Mobile Phone brands in Nigeria

When it comes to Mobile Phone there are some brands that are used mostly in Nigeria and these brands have the highest market share. According to a Survey reported by Jumia, there are over 21 Million active smart phones currently in use in Nigeria. So now we will outline the most popular or used brands […]

Biggest Mobile Phone Companies in the world-2019

Biggest Mobile Phone Companies

There are over 1 billion Mobile phone users in the world. Mobile phones have graduated from just simple devices for GSM calls to Smart phones for receiving emails, video calls, sending big data, video gaming and more. So who have made this possible, they are the smart phone companies who have sent millions in research […]

Tech Sites in Nigeria: The Top 10

Tech sites in Nigeria

Technology is the future of the world. In Nigeria, getting access to technology information in times where entertainment is over everyone’s throat is like looking for water in a desert. The top tech sites in Nigeria are those who have been able to penetrate in the midst of all the entertainment  blogs everywhere on the […]

Huawei Service Centres Nationwide: All 5 Locations

Huawei Service Centre

Huawei is one of the leading technology companies in he world especially in their smart phone industry. Huawei, Over the years have been known to make GSM equipment such as Micro wave antennas, RF Antenna, other network devices such as HUB, Switch, Routers, Mifi, Wifi Modems, USB Modems and other peripherals. In addition, they are […]